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Jan. 14th, 2008



(no subject)

Excuse me if this isn't applicable, but I thought this was very interesting:

Since Michigan is holding an open primary, Kos is advising Democrats to vote for Romney to thwart the GOP the same way the Democrats have been in the past.

Opinions, everyone?

Jan. 11th, 2008

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Michigan Primary

There's much talk in the media about the compressed primary season. What used to go from February to June now goes from January to February, with minimal contests left in March, April, May and June. (Primary Schedule provided by Washington Post.) In such a compressed season, in order for your state to be influential in the election, it pays to be first. Iowa's caucus is first by tradition. New Hampshire's primary is first by state law. A lot of campaign money and face time go into these states.

On January 15, Michigan holds the next Primary. It was an attempt to get Canidates to pay attention to a state whose economy has ranked in the bottom five of the nation the past couple of years -- we currently have the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

However, this bid has been thwarted. According to both the National Democractic Party and the National Republican Party, Michigan's state parties are violating the rules of the primary season by moving their election up. The National Democratic party took away Michigan's delegates, and the majority of the canidates have pulled out (and since the printing of the ballot others have dropped out) leaving the ballot looking like this: Hillary Clinton v. Undecided. Voting for Obama or Edwards as write-in canidates will invalidate your ballot, as they are not registered as write-in canidates. Futhermore, all the candiates have agreed not to campaign in Michigan. On the Republican side, the National party has halved the number of delegates granted to Michigan, but otherwise the contest remains unchanged (though it seems that some candiates have chosen to make appearances in MI and then move on to SC.)

Some believe that this represents an undemocratic election on the Democratic side. The Republicans are hoping to get more ballots cast in their favor because of their presence in the state as well as their wider variety of candiates. It's an interesting primary.

I think the editorial under the following cut (running today in The Grand Rapids Press) says it better than I do. I suggest reading it -- they endorse Romney in the Michigan Republican Primary, and refuse to endorse anyone in the Democratic primary.

Press editorial board endorses Romney by Grand Rapids Press Editorial BoardCollapse )

Jan. 6th, 2008

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Quick Hit

Just a quick hit before I move back to school, from one of my favorite blogs, Feministing.

Blog Post Here.

Huckabee has said there should be a criminal punishment for doctors performing abortions (though not the women receiving them). He has also accepted speaking fees from a group that promotes stem cell research and access to emergency contraception.

Hardly the first flip-flop, I think, but interesting nonetheless.

When I get settled in back at school expect a post about Michigan's Primary, set for the 15th.

Jan. 4th, 2008



Iowa Caucus Winners

The winners of last night's Iowa caucus were:

Republican Mike Huckabee (with 34% of the vote)


Democrat Barack Obama (with 38% of the vote).

Second and third place in the Democratic party went to John Edwards (30%) and Hilary Clinton (29%), respectively. Second place for the Republican Party went to Mitt Romney (25%), and Fred Thompson and John McCain tied for third place (13%). Libertarian Ron Paul came in 5th in the Republican party with 10%, and no other candidates broke double digit percentages in their total voter support.

Source: http://blogs.news.com.au/news/blogocracy/index.php/news/comments/iowa_caucus_results and...well...I live here.
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Mod Note

Primary season is now well underway, and we've been remiss with keeping up with all of the news, campaigns, and results. We are hoping to rectify this, but that means:


This community needs people who are willing to post on all manner of topics: campaign platforms, finances, caucus results, primary results, important news stories... pretty much anything that will help others to be better informed as voters.

Would you like to contribute something?
Do you know people who would make great members?
Are you good at community promotion?
Is there something you would like to see, but aren't sure you have the skills to do it yourself?

Please help to make this community into the great resource that it could be.

Apr. 2nd, 2007

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Some News Links from CNN

1. Several of the candidates have announced their first quarter fundraising totals. The last day of first quarter fundraising was Saturday, and all of the candidates have to submit their financial reports by April 15th.

Sen. Clinton and John Edwards have both broken fundraising records. Others who have announced their totals are Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, and Joseph Biden. The rest of the contenders are expected to announce their totals throughout the week.

One of the reasons that the fundraising is interesting this year is that Barack Obama and John McCain have both said that if they win their party's bid, they will finance their own general election campaign if the other candidate does so as well. This means that they would turn down public financing.

The complete story is available here: at CNN.com

ETA Mitt Romney has announced his first quarter totals as well, see here.

2. Tommy Thompson makes candidacy official: This weekend, Tommy Thompson announced that he is officially making a run for his party's bid. He believes that he stands a good chance of earning the GOP bid, and expects a lot of support from party members who believe the other candidates aren't conservative enough.

3. Want to keep up to date on current politic news? CNN has a political blog that you can check out that's rather helpful. Go here to check it out.

Mar. 28th, 2007

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Community Discussion

I'm really excited to see that we already have some members, and hopefully we'll continue to grow! Feel free to tell your friends about this community. Larger membership will mean greater diversity in perspective, which can only help to enrich the community.

astraevirgo and I have a bunch of ideas in the works for posts to make, including a listing of "wanted" posts that members can volunteer to put together. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions please let us know!

This seems like a great time to have our first community discussion. It will give us a chance to find out where to direct our energies and hopefully generate some new ideas.

What factors do you consider when deciding to back a candidate? *AND* What issues are important to you in the upcoming election?
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Candidate Listing

Here is our basic listing of announced candidates, with links to their websites. Candidates will be listed alphabetically by party. When people drop out of the race, they will be crossed off the list. (People who dropped out before the creation of this community are not listed). If you know of a confirmed candidate who is not on this list, please leave me a comment so that I can add them in.

  • Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Sr. Senator, DE): website
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (Jr. Senator, NY): website
  • Christopher J. Dodd (Sr. Senator, CT): website
  • John Reid Edwards (NC): website
  • Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel (AK): website
  • Dennis J. Kucinich (Representative, OH): website
  • Barack H. Obama (Jr. Senator, IL): website
  • Bill Richardson (Governor, NM): website

  • Samuel D. Brownback (Sr. Senator, KS): website
  • John H. Cox (IL): website
  • James S. Gilmore (VA): website
  • Rudolph W. Giuliani (NY): website
  • Michael D. Huckabee (AR): website
  • Duncan L. Hunter (Representative, CA): website
  • John S. McCain (Sr. Senator, AZ): website
  • Ronald E. Paul (Representative, TX): website
  • Willard Mitt Romney (MA): website
  • Tom Tancredo (Representative, CO): website
  • Tommy G. Thompson (WI): website
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    We seek to be the educated electorate.

    Reading builds the educated and informed electorate so vital to our democracy. -- Brad Henry

    The principles of a healthy democracy are upheld by an informed and educated electorate. With the 2008 Presidential Race in full swing, with 17 candidates in the running with approximately 11 months to go before Super Tuesday, we have quite the race ahead of us. informedvoters seeks to be a news round up and research collective to promote general understanding of the issues, and debate amongst the members.

    If you're preparing to vote, it's time to become informed. If you've never voted before, it's never too late to start. If you're too young to vote, it's never too early to start being aware. If you're not an American, it's admirable to be an educated citizen of the world.

    We seek to be the educated electorate.