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Iowa Caucus Winners

The winners of last night's Iowa caucus were:

Republican Mike Huckabee (with 34% of the vote)


Democrat Barack Obama (with 38% of the vote).

Second and third place in the Democratic party went to John Edwards (30%) and Hilary Clinton (29%), respectively. Second place for the Republican Party went to Mitt Romney (25%), and Fred Thompson and John McCain tied for third place (13%). Libertarian Ron Paul came in 5th in the Republican party with 10%, and no other candidates broke double digit percentages in their total voter support.

Source: http://blogs.news.com.au/news/blogocracy/index.php/news/comments/iowa_caucus_results and...well...I live here.


I think there were a lot of younger voters. I know that the high school I graduated from did a big drive with the of-age seniors (and some recent and not-so-recent graduates), and there was a big push at Ames High (where I'm student teaching) to get as many teachers and students to go as possible. Lots of students wearing stickers, lots of people shouting pro-candidate messages in the hallway. I'm sure there were people on campus during fall semester, but I spent so little time south of Lago (which is on the very north end of campus) that I honestly can't tell you what kinds of drives there were.

But yes, I know there was a large young voter turn out. That's part of why a lot of people were disappointed with the disorganization - there was no time to properly vote for platform stances or new delegates to county/state/regional/national conventions, and last night would have been a prime opportunity to get some young, excited people more thoroughly involved in the process.

January 2008

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