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Candidate Listing

Here is our basic listing of announced candidates, with links to their websites. Candidates will be listed alphabetically by party. When people drop out of the race, they will be crossed off the list. (People who dropped out before the creation of this community are not listed). If you know of a confirmed candidate who is not on this list, please leave me a comment so that I can add them in.

  • Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Sr. Senator, DE): website
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (Jr. Senator, NY): website
  • Christopher J. Dodd (Sr. Senator, CT): website
  • John Reid Edwards (NC): website
  • Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel (AK): website
  • Dennis J. Kucinich (Representative, OH): website
  • Barack H. Obama (Jr. Senator, IL): website
  • Bill Richardson (Governor, NM): website

  • Samuel D. Brownback (Sr. Senator, KS): website
  • John H. Cox (IL): website
  • James S. Gilmore (VA): website
  • Rudolph W. Giuliani (NY): website
  • Michael D. Huckabee (AR): website
  • Duncan L. Hunter (Representative, CA): website
  • John S. McCain (Sr. Senator, AZ): website
  • Ronald E. Paul (Representative, TX): website
  • Willard Mitt Romney (MA): website
  • Tom Tancredo (Representative, CO): website
  • Tommy G. Thompson (WI): website
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    is it weird that i haven't even heard of Tom Tancredo? I consider myself someone that doesn't IGNORE politics but I don't seek it out much either. I have NEVER heard of him.
    Well, there are a number of people on the lists who I haven't heard of...So I don't think it's that weird. Of course, I guess that it's a little different when the person is a politician from your own state, but I still don't think it reflects that poorly on you.

    Only a few of the candidates have been getting much coverage in the media, also.

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