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Thoughts: One Tree

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Some News Links from CNN

1. Several of the candidates have announced their first quarter fundraising totals. The last day of first quarter fundraising was Saturday, and all of the candidates have to submit their financial reports by April 15th.

Sen. Clinton and John Edwards have both broken fundraising records. Others who have announced their totals are Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, and Joseph Biden. The rest of the contenders are expected to announce their totals throughout the week.

One of the reasons that the fundraising is interesting this year is that Barack Obama and John McCain have both said that if they win their party's bid, they will finance their own general election campaign if the other candidate does so as well. This means that they would turn down public financing.

The complete story is available here: at CNN.com

ETA Mitt Romney has announced his first quarter totals as well, see here.

2. Tommy Thompson makes candidacy official: This weekend, Tommy Thompson announced that he is officially making a run for his party's bid. He believes that he stands a good chance of earning the GOP bid, and expects a lot of support from party members who believe the other candidates aren't conservative enough.

3. Want to keep up to date on current politic news? CNN has a political blog that you can check out that's rather helpful. Go here to check it out.


I'm rather interested in the implications of having a privately financed election with no public funds involved. My knowledge of campaign financing is almost non-existent.
The implication is that our presidential elections would hardly be democratic if privately funded. The idea of public financing is that you don't have to be privately wealthy or pander to special interests to finance your campaign, and thus are more receptive to the average voter, the average man.

It's a sticky issue, and like most issues, seem to hit at the very core of our democracy.

January 2008

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